Do you want to add value to your hair salon or beauty centre?

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Do you want to add value to your hair salon or beauty centre?

Let’s start with your customers: how are they? They come to your center, already with all the answers, are they super informed, often in a bad way and very demanding?

So, you’re in the right place! With this type of customer, the essential is not to be unprepared. This does not mean that you have to be a full scientist. The important thing is to specialize yourself and be expert in some services and enhance your strengths.

Are you very good with colour in your salon? Or are you specialized in manicures in your beauty center? Take advantage of this skill, value this part of the job, keep up to date and keep learning.

If the customer perceives this competence and superiority over your competitors for that particular service, he will continue to choose you!

The data confirm this, the major investments in recent years in this sector are in training. So you need to keep up to date, train and specialize as much as possible to ensure a high level of skills by demonstrating your superiority over your competitor.

It is not enough to have a superior competence, but also to demonstrate that you have it… that is, you have to change your mentality, train yourself, not only in the technical part, but also in marketing and communication.

These are the guidelines dictated by Lelio “Lele” Canavero who for over twenty years has followed thousands of hairdressers on their path of growth, but also by Davide Manzoni General Manager of Comfort Zone Italia who defines “Specialization” as the password for the trends of the coming years.

Following this specialization trend, APR Instruments offers training courses on the use of MICROCAMERA®.

Whatever your strength, before starting a treatment, offering a service or recommending a product, you must start from the state of the art.

Knowing what type of skin or what imperfection is hidden on the skin or scalp of your customers is essential to guide them in the right direction.

To enhance your hair salon or beauty center, a tool for analyzing skin, hair and scalp such as MICROCAMERA® cannot be missing.

A professional video dermatoscope that highlights the health of your skin, hair and scalp in real time in front of your customers, combined with the right personalized dermo-cosmetic advice will make the difference.MICROCAMERA® can increase services and skills, enhancing your work and will bring your hair salon/beauty center to a higher level of specialization than your competitors.

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