Expertise, Team work, Collaboration


APR Instruments srl is  Made in Italy, from engineering to production, assembly.


Our goal is to remain the specialized point of reference for leading global companies in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical sectors: for this reason all our products are designed and manufactured to offer a unique wellness experience, which places it first , prevention, health and beauty.


APR Instruments recognizes the value of human resources as a fundamental and indispensable factor for company development.

We support the individual as a “value” on which the personal, corporate, customer and, not least, the entire community are based.

We firmly believe that company growth is directly proportional to personal growth: this is why we attach great importance to the creative development and training of every single element of our workforce.

Our “Research and Development” sector is in constant ferment in identifying, developing and guaranteeing products of high profile that meet the most stringent quality and safety requirements and with this objective we actively collaborate in the professional growth of our suppliers.

The enhancement of the territory is a determining factor that is very important to us: we prefer the choice of local collaborators and suppliers, favoring the birth and development of the surrounding infrastructures.

We listen to our customers and support them in choosing the most suitable product to fully satisfy their needs, we support them in post-sales with a professional training service, technical support with constant updating on the use of our devices.

We choose to be Green and to adopt all the strategies necessary for change to be an example and a stimulus to other realities: we have reduced the use of paper and non-recyclable materials, taking advantage of the innovative solutions that technology offers us.



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