The benefits
of LASER are finally
within everyone’s reach

Safe, effective, painless

The LASER device for cell bio-stimulation

Stymula® combines the red LASER  which can boast excellent results on the skin and mucous membranes with the invisible light in the IR-A band which works in depth

Stymula®: cell recharge

Stymula®induces a beneficial effect on cells stimulating natural regeneration of tissues.


Pain relieving treatment on joints and muscles

Stymula® has an antalgic function reducing tendons, muscles and nerve inflammation raising the pain threshold. Effective against rheumatic pains.


Anti-inflammatory treatment

Stymula® reduces inflammation by decreasing the cytokines and prostaglandins responsible for the inflammatory and analgesic process.


Acne, psoriasis and other skin disease

Stymula® reduces the volume of the hypertrophic sebaceous glands and the formation of black heads.It reduces skin inflammation and stimulates the production of collagen and new proteins improving scarring.


Scalp and hair

Stymula® induces hair regrowth, improves cellular metabolism of the hair bulb, increasing circulation and normalizes the production of sebum. It reduces itching, edema and inflammation of the scalp.


Anti-aging for face, décolleté and hands

Stymula® promotes the production of collagen and elastin to improve skin tone and elasticity. It slows down the aging process by regenerating damaged tissues.


The benefits of LASER are finally within everyone’s reach thanks to Stymula®


Stymula® produces a beneficial effect on our cells by stimulating the natural regeneration of tissues and reducing the formation of free radicals.
The non-invasive and painless treatment can be combined with other therapies.
Stymula® has obtained CE medical certification. n.1751/MDD (n. 0051)


CE Medical Certification n.1751/MDD


LASER benefits

Regenerates the tissues

Reduce inflammation

Fights pain

Accelerates healing

Treats skin diseases

Increases the results in hair treatments


Action device

Stymula®: cell recharge

Stymula® induces a beneficial effect on cells stimulating natural regeneration of tissues.
LASER light penetrates through the skin provoking a process of self-healing by increasing ATP (molecule energy).
Cells damaged by physiological, traumatic or inflammatory causes will tend to normalize.
The beneficial effects of Stymula® are not strictly limited to the skin, but extend also to the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, blood and bone in close contact with the skin.


The therapeutic action of Stymula® is summarized in four
effects working in synergy:


Bio-stimulant (stimulates tissue regeneration)


 Anti-inflammatory (fights the effects of inflammation)


Antalgic (inhibits the sensation of pain)


Immuno-stimulant (stimulates the immune system)

The device

The therapy

The intervention of an operator during the treatment is not required

Prescription is not needed

It is non-invasive

It can be combined with other therapies

Treatments can last from 10 to 30 minutes and carried out in a protected and private environment

  Treatment is painless and does not create a rise in temperature of the treated area

Enhances performance of pharmacological treatments

Operating environment

IMQ, the certifying agency, requested that the device to be used in a closed environment equipped with an access door with adequate signs and without reflective walls.
The patient may be sitting or lying down for a maximum duration of 30 minutes depending on the area of the body to be treated. Obviously, the area treated should be uncovered. Because there is no contact between patient and device or between patient and operator, no post-treatment sanitation is needed.
The room is equipped with an armchair or a bed for the patient and hanger for clothes, while no health services such as a sink, shower, bidet or bath are needed.
Wipes could be useful like make-up remover in case the therapy concerns the face.

How the treatment is carried out

The execution of the treatment is automatic with timed emitters.
The treatment should be performed within an environment where a health worker is supervising in case intervention is required (pharmacies, surgeries, clinics, welfare residences, etc.)