The therapy

The intervention of an operator during the treatment is not required

Prescription is not needed

It is non-invasive

It can be combined with other therapies

Treatments can last from 10 to 30 minutes and carried out in a protected and private environment

  Treatment is painless and does not create a rise in temperature of the treated area

Enhances performance of pharmacological treatments

Operating environment

IMQ, the certifying agency, requested that the device to be used in a closed environment equipped with an access door with adequate signs and without reflective walls.
The patient may be sitting or lying down for a maximum duration of 30 minutes depending on the area of the body to be treated. Obviously, the area treated should be uncovered. Because there is no contact between patient and device or between patient and operator, no post-treatment sanitation is needed.
The room is equipped with an armchair or a bed for the patient and hanger for clothes, while no health services such as a sink, shower, bidet or bath are needed.
Wipes could be useful like make-up remover in case the therapy concerns the face.

How the treatment is carried out

The execution of the treatment is automatic with timed emitters.
The treatment should be performed within an environment where a health worker is supervising in case intervention is required (pharmacies, surgeries, clinics, welfare residences, etc.)